Trophy History

The Avon Trophy

The Avon Trophy replaced the Tetbury Camera Club Cup in 2017 and is awarded to the winner of “Creative” DI

Past Winners

2018L Cooper2017L Cooper2016M Hawkridge
2015 No Record2014D Jones2013D Willis
2012F Jenkins2011F Jenkins2010D Willis
2009K Farnham2008F Jenkins2007F Jenkins
2006V Pycroft2005V Pycroft2004V Pycroft
2003No record2002V Pycroft2001V Pycroft
2000R Davis1999V Pycroft1998T Hopkins
1997A Hopkins1996R White1995J Bouet
1994J Grant1993J Bouet1992V Pycroft
1991L Chalk1990J Bouet1989L Chalk
1988J Page1987J Page1986A Ward
1985L Chalk1984C Payne1983E Langton
1982C Payne1981H Gough1980D Willis
1979L Cooper1978E Langton1977M Jefferies

The Woolsack Trophy

The Woolsack Trophy replaced the Arrow Plant Trophy and is awarded to the winner of “Open Digital Images (A)”

History: The Arrow Plant was a local business some years ago… no information can be found about the company or owner. The Woolsack Trophy is named after the Woolsack Races held annually in Tetbury, on the last bank holiday in May.

Past Winners

2018D Jones2017C Mortimer2016M Hawkridge
2015M Hawkridge2014S Cox2013No Record
2012M Hawkridge2011V Pycroft2010F Jenkins
2009V Pycroft2008R Davis2007V Pycroft
2006R Davis2005R Davis2004R Davis
2003G Williams2002V Pycroft2001R Davis
2000V Pycroft1999V Pycroft1998A Hopkins
1997N Platt1996V Pycroft1995A Hopkins
1994N Platt1993J Bouet1992L Chalk
1991D Willis1990D Willis1989E Christopher
1988J Page1987J Page1986J Page
1985J Page1984C Payne1983C Payne
1982E Langton1981E Langton1980E Langton
1979E Langton1978E Langton1977R Smith

David Willis Cup

David Willis Cup – Is awarded for the best “Landscape” (Prints)

Past winners

2018C Mortimer2017T Banks2016D Jones
2015A Banks2014D Jones2013M Hawkridge
2012No record2011M Hawkridge2010J Esse
2009J Esse2008J Esse2007J Esse
2006J Esse2005V Pycroft2004J Esse
2003J Esse2002J Esse2001J Esse
2000J Wells1999J Esse 1998T Wakefield
1997J Walker1996V Pycroft1995H Mills
1994No record1993J Bouet1992R Nixon
1991J Vickers1990D Willis1989No record
1988No record1987J Markham1986A Ward
1985A Jones1984No record1983E Jones

The Chavenage Trophy

The Chavenage Trophy replaced The Ward Family Cup in 2017 and is awarded to the winner of “Digital Portfolio”
History: Alan Ward was Chairman 1988/89. Family moved to Australia.

Past Winners

2018C Mortimer2017J Jennings2016M Hawkridge
2015L Cooper2014T Banks2013L Cooper & S Cox
2012R David2011C Bellamy2010J Bishop & K Wells
2009No record2008No record2007No record
2006No record2005J Wells2004V Pycroft
2003V Pycroft2002No record2001V Pycroft
2000R White1999No record1998T Hopkins
1997A Hopkins1996R Davis1995A Hopkins
1994A Durn1993J Bouet1992J Markham
1991J Markham & V Woodling1990J Markham1989J Markham

The Dolphin trophy

The Dolphin Trophy replaced The Ken Pockett Cup in 2017 and is awarded to the winner of “Set Subject” (DI).

History: Ken Pockett started/ran a business in Malmesbury [“Print Aids”]; later moved to Swindon. Was Club Chairman 1980/81.

Set Sublects

2016 Patterns2017 Movement2018 Monochrome

Past Winners

2018F Jenkins2017R Arnold2016D Jones
2015C Mortimer2014D Calvert2013L Cooper
2012M Hawkridge2011M Sibbald2010J Esse
2009M Hawkridge2008M Hawkridge2007J Esse
2006J Esse2005J Esse2004J Esse
2003V Pycroft2002No Record2001W Brown
2000No Record1999No Record1998T Wakefield
1997M Vincent1996No Record1995No Record
1994M Saunders1993R Davis1992V Woodling
1991No Record1990S Paginton1989T Plumb
1988L Cooper1987J Markham1986G Ferrier
1985A Saunders1984B Baker1983M Gibbs

Myrtle Smith Memorial Award

Myrtle Smith Memorial Award – is awarded to the winner of “Nature” (DI).

History: wife of Derek Smith and donated by Derek.

Past Winners

2018T Banks2017T Banks
2016D Jones2015A Banks2014M Hawkridge
2013M Hawkridge2012C Brewer2011J Bishop
2010J Bishop2009J Esse2008J Wells
2007V Pycroft2006D Calvert2005J Wells
2004V Pycroft2003V Pycroft2002D Brown
2001R Davis2000J Esse1999J Esse
1998A Hopkins1997J Wakefield1996D Willis
1995J Bouet1994MD Smith1993A Durn
1992P Johnson1991MD Smith1990E Combs
1989A Ward1988A Ward1987S Ward
1986G Ferrier1985D Walters1984R White

The Tetbury Trophy

The Tetbury Trophy replaced The George Lux Cup in 2017 and is awarded to the winner “Open Prints”.

History: George owned the family business Lux Traffic Lights. Started in Tetbury 1966; later moved to Malmesbury; sold in 2006.

Past Winners

2018T Banks
2017T Banks2016M Hawkridge2015M Hawkridge
2014M Hawkridge2013M Hawkridge2012M Hawkridge
2011H Warren2010M Hawkridge2009J Wells
2008V Pycroft2007J Esse2006J Esse & V Pycroft
2005V Pycroft2004V Pycroft2003M Wood
2002V Pycroft2001M Wood2000M Wood
1999V Pycroft & M Wood1998M Wood1997M Embury
1996J Markham1995D Willis1994R Dixon
1993P Johnson1992R Dixon1991R Dixon
1990J Markham1989J Markham1988J Markham
1987D Willis1986A Ward1985K Pockett
1984E Jones & R White1983K Pockett1982K Pockett
1981D Willis & K Pockett1980A Laird1979E Langton

The Priory Trophy

The Priory Trophy replaced The Derek Smith Trophy in 2017 and is awarded to the winner of “Open Digital Images (B)”.

History: Derek Smith was a Committee Member for considerable periods between 1980 and 2001 including Club Treasurer from 1986 to 2001.

Past Winners

2018L Brown2017R Watson
2016F Hillman2015M Page & R Arnold2014T Banks
2013J Shepherd2012C Stokes2011C Bellamy
2010J Cox2009S Hammond2008J Wells
2007J Esse2006J Esse2005P Harding
2004G Williams2003J Esse2002D Brown
2001No record2000No record1999No record
1998R Davis1997N Platt1996No record
1995N Platt1994R Davis1993A Durn
1992J Markham1991J Markham1990J Markham
1989J Markham1988J Markham1987S Ward
1986A Ward1985W Baker & D Smith1984D Searle
1983D Smith1982D Smith1981R Burke
1980No record1979F Hills1978F Hills

Mary Harding Award

Mary Harding Memorial Award – is awarded to the winner “Print Portfolio”.

History: wife of Peter Harding; seen only at our annual dinners. Up till 2016 the portfolio was a panel of 10 prints, changed to 5 prints from the 2016-2017 season. ( Base no longer used. )

Past Winners

2018D Jones
2017T Banks2016D Jones2015M Hawkridge
2014M Hawkridge2013M Hawkridge2012M Hawkridge
2011F Jenkins2010J Bishop2009J Esse
2008V Pycroft2007D Preece2006V Pycroft
2005V Pycroft2004K Body2003V Pycroft
2002J Esse2001J Esse2000M Wood
1999T Wakefield1998V Pycroft1997V Pycroft
1996V Pycroft1995H Mills J Leach1994R Nixon
1993V Pycroft1992J Markham1991J Markham
1990J Markham1989 B Parfitt1988 A Ward

Frank Hills Cup

Frank Hills Cup – is awarded to the winner of “Close Up” DI

History: Frank (husband of Pat) ran a newsagent business in Tetbury for many years; was Club secretary 1988/9 to 2000/1.

Past Winners

2018T Banks2017D Jones2016T Banks
2015D Jones2014J Bishop2013T Banks
2012J Bishop2011V Pycroft2010R Davis
2009M Hawkridge2008J Wells2007J Esse
2006B Butler2005K Farnham2004J Wells
2003J Esse2002J Esse2001J Esse
2000V Pycroft1999D Smith1998D Willis
1997V Pycroft1996V Pycroft1995H Mills
1994J Markham1993M Embury1992J Markham
1991R Nixon1990J Markham1989J Markham
1988J Markham1987J Markham1986G Ferrier
1985D Willis1984E Jones1983C Payne
1982K Pockett1981R White1980E Langton
1979E Jones1978A Jones1977E Langton

The Gumstool Trophy

The Gumstool Trophy replaced The Phil Johnson Award in 2017 and is awarded to the winner of “Digital Image of the Year”

History: Phil Johnson was the Club’s Competition Secretary1988/89 to 1990/91; was a keen competitor, and won several Club competitions. Specialized in motor racing.

Past Winners

2018T Banks2017C Mortimer2016L Cooper
2015S Cox2014S Cox2013J Bishop
2012L Cooper2011V Pycroft2010J Cox
2009M Hawkridge2008R Davis2007G Williams
2006J Esse2005V Pycroft2004R Davis
2003J Esse2002D Brown2001R Davis
2000J Esse1999J Wakefield1998J Wakefield
1997D Smith1996C Clark1995C Clark
1994D Willis1993J Bouet1992D Willis
1991C Clark1990J Markham1989B Parfitt

Peter Harding Trophy

Peter Harding Trophy is awarded to the winner of “Print of the Year”

History: Peter was a professional photographer with a studio in Tetbury for many years. He was the Club’s President from 1980 – 2007.

Past Winners

2018T Banks2017M Page2016T Banks
2015M Hawkridge2014D Jones2013H Warren
2012M Hawkridge2011V Pycroft2010M Hawkridge
2009J Esse2008J Esse2007J Esse
2006V Pycroft2005V Pycroft2004K Body
2003J Esse2002R Davis2001V Pycroft
2000R Davis1999R Davis1998D Willis
1997M Wood1996D Willis1995D Willis
1994R Nixon1993D Willis1992D Willis
1991J Markham1990A Jordan1989P Johnson

The Westonbirt Trophy

The Westonbirt Trophy – replaced The Graham Light Plaque in 2017 and is awarded to the winner of “Still Life” (Prints)

Past Winners

2018C Mortimer2017S Cox2016D Jones
2015L Cooper2014D Jones2013J Esse
2012J Esse2011J Esse2010M Hawkridge
2009M Hawkridge2008J Esse2007No Record
2006J Esse2005J Esse2004V Pycroft
2003J Bouet2002No Record2001J Esse
2000J Esse1999R Russell1998No Record
1997D Smith1996V Pycroft1995V Pycroft
1994V Pycroft1993R Nixon1992R Nixon