Throughout the club year we have guest speakers who share their photographic experiences, below are reviews of those evenings. Reviews from past guest speakers can be found on our archive page.

15th October 2019: Shaun Boycott-Taylor “A Walk on the Wildside”

was a welcome return for Shaun, whose presentation featured many
wildlife digital images of mainly birds, from various European
travels e.g. Hungary, Catalonia, Scotland (Cairngorms), North Uist
and the Danube Delta in Romania.

is an ARPS, gaining accreditation in 2010 with his 15 print-panel of

was soon apparent that Shaun has a passion for his photography,
combined with an in-depth knowledge of each subject. The following
extract from his website is a perfect summary of the evening:

am an amateur Wildlife and Landscape photographer and always take a
professional approach to my work.

spend many hours researching my subjects whether they be Birds,
Wildlife or Landscapes, my approach is always the same. With Wildlife
and in particular Birds, I get to know my subject as intimately as I

follow their everyday lives to understand their behaviour monitoring
flight paths, usual trails, feeding patterns, bathing and drinking
pools. When this is completed only then will I try to make the most
aesthetically pleasing image I can.

explained the technical side of his photography e.g. his move away
from heavy DSLR equipment and the use of extreme high shutter
speeds/continuous bursts in order to capture that “decisive moment”

from birds we also saw many hares, red squirrels, foxes and roe deer

learned how many of the birds in particular, were under threat from
aggressive agriculture, loss of habitat and hunting etc. To help
combat these threats we heard how Reserves have been established in
the various areas visited and photographed.

just for the nature-lovers amongst our members, this was an evening
not to be missed. Many thanks go to Shaun for an enjoyable and
informative presentation.

8th October 2019: David Jenner “Night & Day Panoramas + Portfolio”

was a first visit to Tetbury for David and the evening began with a
fascinating and detailed digital demonstration of how his distinctive
“Night & Day” panoramas are produced – these involve many
hundreds of images taken over a period of hours i.e. from day through
to night. In post editing, using compositing, blending and masking
techniques, the images are then slowly transformed into a single
final image that shows the landscaped panorama magically moving from
day into night. The initial panorama from 2010 of Southwold seafront
involved over 700 photographs, took over 72 hours to create and
demanded all of David’s considerable Photoshop skills.

the knowledge and experience gained from this first venture
(including many mistakes!), the process became a little easier for
David (helped by various camera equipment upgrades) and we were
treated to further dramatic panoramic images of the Lake District,
Durdle Door, Venice, London & Manhattan etc.

final panoramic prints were also on display around the room for
members to study close up. These were high quality images measuring
1m in width and mounted on aluminium and Perspex.

second half of the evening was devoted to David’s passion for
Landscape and nature, with members enjoying many award-winning images
– photographs of Bedgebury Pinteum during the various seasons being
particularly memorable.

learned that amongst 55,000 pictures submitted to the BBC CountryFile
Calender 2012, David was placed in the final four of the Landscape
category with his image “Wrecked” (taken at Hoo Marina) – a
photograph which subsequently went on to win the 2015 Ships and
Shipwrecks category of the Shipwrecked Mariners Society.

initial success with CountryFile led David onto an ultimately
thwarted journey to go one better! We saw excellent entries that each
year had made it onto the short-list but failed to get in the final
calendar – the challenge continues! Not to be deterred, David has
used many of these entries to produce his own 2020 calendar! The
whole CountryFile process was presented in great detail and with much

thanks go to David for a highly enjoyable evening, with his high
quality images presented in a very enthusiastic and entertaining
manner. A visit to his website is strongly recommended

24th September 2019: Tim Taphouse “From the Cotswolds around the World, via Mountains and Markets”

was a first visit to Tetbury from Tim, whose opening image of a
Public Footpath Sign pointing in 5 different directions gave a clue
as to what lay ahead!

gently with a tour of some of the Cotswold Hills, it soon became
clear that Tim has developed his own style of photography i.e. trying
to avoid the obvious by using different angles, close ups and
differential focus techniques etc. Choosing one location as an
example, we saw how differences in light, colour and mood as the
seasons changed, completely altered the view.

moved from hills to mountains, with the question being asked as to
what point does a hill become a mountain? It was juxtaposed with
Tim’s other passion of shooting street markets and how, although
different throughout the world, they retain a basic similarity

presentation was peppered with “Travel Quiz” questions as to
where exactly each location was? These included the Brecon Beacons,
Snowdonia, Lake District, Pyrenees, Alps, Carpathians (Romania),
Canadian Rockies (Vancouver), Andes (Patagonia), Colombia, Sicily
(Etna), Ethiopia, Oman, Argentina, Kashmir, India, Japan, Hong Kong,
New Zealand, Iceland, Borneo and with apologies for forgetting any

evening included an AV presentation of a week spent in the Pyrenees

go to Tim for an excellent start to our new season.

16th April 2019: Ray Grace ARPS, DPAGB “A Macro Workshop”

was a welcome return to Tetbury from Ray Grace, who led us through
our first practical evening for some years. He arrived with all the
equipment needed such as lighting, reflectors and clamps etc. plus
some cut flowers for us to photograph. TCC members brought along
their cameras, (macro) lenses and also one or two small items to
shoot close up.

way of introduction, Ray projected some stunning examples of his own
macro photography work to demonstrate what the evening would be all
about. We learned about his control of natural light, working with
extreme shallow depth of field and the importance of using a tripod.

table was then set up for Ray to first demonstrate the principle of
focus stacking – one of the skills necessary for dealing with depth
of field issues. More tables acting as mini-studios were then set up
for members to begin. Natural light was difficult so (daylight) LED
was used.

proved very helpful in guiding several members who were new to macro
photography. One member had also brought a laptop along to enable
tethering of the images (this is where an image captured in-camera
can be instantly reviewed on a screen to facilitate any necessary
adjustments to aperture, ISO etc.)

was one of those rare opportunities where hands-on practical
experience, together with asking questions can prove invaluable in
learning new photography skills. It is hoped that the club sees more
macro photography work from its members in the future.

thanks to Ray for an informative and highly enjoyable evening.

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