Here are the results of the 2016/2017 season competitions. HC = Highly Commended.   C = Commended.

Annual Competition 2 – 28th March 2017 – Results

Judged by Ted Wilson

Close-Up (Digital Images)

1st. Purple Tulip – Dave Jones
2nd. Cogs and Wheels – Dave Jones
3rd. Harvest Mice Exploring – Tony Banks
HC. Harvest Mice Peaking Out – Tony Banks
C. Starry Clover – Peter martin
C. Waspish – Reg Watson

Still Life (Prints)

1st. A Little Light Reading – Sandie Cox
2nd. Lemons – Fiona McCowen
3rd. A Moment to Reflect – Carole Mortimer
HC. From The Dolls House – Sandie Cox

Folio of 5 Prints

1st. Female Kingfisher – Tony Banks
2nd. Refraction Distraction – Howard Warren
3rd. Faces of Burma – Dave Jones

Annual Competition 3 – 18th April 2017 – Results Judged By Leigh Woolford

Digital Image of the Year

1st. Winter walk – Carole Mortimer
2nd. Lucky Escape – Tony Banks
3rd. The Last Smoke – Liz Cooper
HC. Trees and Mist – Carole Mortimer
HC. Late afternoon, San Giorgio Maggio – Fiona McCowen
HC. Iguazu Falls – Dave Jones
HC. Funghi in the Log-Pile – Carole Mortimer
C. Early Morning Calm- Fiona McCowen
C. Enjoying Ice Cream – Sandy Cox
C. Female Kingfisher with Catch – Tony Banks
C. Perfect Balance _ Dave Jones
C. Purple Tulip -Dave Jones

Set Subject ( Movement )

1st. Missed Me – Richard Arnold
2nd. Night junction – Jenny Esse
3rd. Male Kingfisher going vertical – Tony Banks

HC. Woodland Blur – Vince Pycroft
HC. Swirling Water – Mike Hawkridge
HC. Returning with the Ball – Sandy Cox
HC. Cheetah Hunting – Tony Banks
HC. Blowing in the Wind – Fiona McCowen
C. Wildebeest – Sandy Cox
C. Two Full Ahead – Russel Davis
C. Making Bubbles in Bath – Carole Mortimer
C. Legs – Steve Romain
C. Determination – Frank Jenkins

Print Of the Year

1st. Another Place – Margot Page
2nd. Close up and Personal – Tony Banks
3rd. Female Kingfisher with catch – Tony Banks
HC. Fishing in the Rain – Dave Jones

HC. Torres del Paine, Patagonia – Dave Jones
HC. Treasure on the Pier – Liz Cooper
HC. Trees in Mist – Frank Jenkins
C. A Moment to Reflect – Carole Mortimer
C. Canada Geese, reflections – Tony Banks
C. Leopard cub in Rocks – Sandy Cox
C. Stairway – Dave Jones
C. The Black Cuillin Mountains – Tony Banks

Open Competition 4 – 24th January 2017 – Results

Judged by Martin Fry FRPS EFIAP/b AV-EFIAP BPE5* APAGB 

Digital Images A

1st Winter Walk – Carole Mortimer
2nd Refraction Distraction – Howard Warren
3rd White Water – Russell Davis
HC Akela – Dave Jones
HC Female Kingfisher – Tony Banks
C Benchmark – Howard Warren
C Looped – Richard Arnold
C The Church on the marsh – Mike Hawkridge

Digital Images B
1st Early Morning Calm – Fiona McCowan
2nd Lighthouse – Alan Barrows
3rd Everyday Magic – Jenny Mann
HC Rose hip – Peter Martin
C Balleroy – John Shepherd
C The Twelve Apostle – Fiona McCowan

1st Canada Geese – reflections – Tony Banks
2nd The Ice Wall – Sandie Cox
3rd Weston-Super-Mare – Alan Barrows
HC Zabriskie Point – Mike Hawkridge
HC Shops to let – Frank Jenkins
C Sea Front – Mike Hawkridge
C The Calligrapher – Jenny Esse

Open Competition 5 – 21st February 2017 – Results

Judged by Brian Swinyard.

Digital Images A

1st. Country Garden – Howard Warren
2nd. Silver Spirit – Sandie Cox
3rd. Trees and Mist – Carole Mortimer
HC. Colour Clash – Mike Hawkridge
HC. Winter Orchid – John Jennings
HC. Hard Work Pays – Hugh Fletcher
C. It’s All Gone Pear Shaped – John Jennings
C. Passer By – Vince Pycroft
C. Poised – Dave Jones

Digital Images B

1st. Waspish – Reg Watson
2nd. San Giorgio Maggio – Fiona McCowen
3rd. Early Morning Calm – Fiona McCowen
HC. Five in a Row – Reg Watson
HC. Monkshood – peter Martin
HC. Cloudy Day – Fiona McCowen
C. Sky Rocket – les Brown
C. Hall at Tourin – John Shepherd


1st. Seaside Impressions – Mike Hawkridge
2nd. Another Place – Margot Page
3rd. Red Cranes – Mike Hawkridge
HC. Close Up And Personal – Tony Banks
HC. Moored Cobles – Carole Mortimer
HC. Catch Landed – Tony Banks
HC. Night Junction – Jenny Esse
HC. Zebra, Masai Mara – Tony Banks
C. Arabian Nights – Howard Warren
C. Leopard Cub in Rocks – Sandie Cox
C. Elliptical – Mike Hawkridge
. Rosewood Impression – Howard Warren
C. West Woods – Vince pycroft

Open Competition 3 – 22nd   November 2016 – Results

Judged by Jim Marsden

Digital Images A
1st.  Iguazu Falls – Dave Jones
2nd.  Flared Approach – Tony Banks
3rd.  Morning prowl – Richard Arnold
HC.  Astrantia Major – Carole Mortimer
HC.  Flash Harry – Dave Jones
HC.  Misty Water Meadow – David Calvert
C.  Camber Sands – Vince Pycroft
C.  Enjoying Icecream – Sandy Cox
C.  The Saxon’s are Here – liz Cooper

Digital Images B
1st.  Lluc Alter – John Shepherd
2nd.  Swaledale – Peter Martin
3rd.  Robin – Les Brown
HC.  Organists Stops – David Moss
HC.  Arches – John Sheperd
C.  Fostering on The Farm – Reg Watson
C.  Canal Zoom – David Moss
C.  Part of a Poppy – Reg watson

1st.  Abandoned Farm Buildings – Tony Banks
2nd.  Greylag Geese, Slimbridge – Tony Banks
3rd. Fishing in the Rain – Dave Jones
HC.  Stone Barn – Vince Pycroft
HC.  Crossed Over – Frank Jenkins
C.  The Old Dairy – Jenny Esse
C.  Dungerness Dawn – Mike Hawkridge
C.  One Lump or Two – Jenny Esse

Annual Competition 1 – 6th December 2016 – Results

Judged by Matt Revell

Nature (Digital Images)

1st. Harvesting the Oats – Tony Banks
2nd. Lucky Escape – Tony Banks
3rd. Sunset – Richard Arnold
HC. Leopard Keeping a Lookout – Tony Banks
HC. Sunbeams and Cobwebs – Dave Jones
C. Fungi in the Log-pile – Carole Mortimer
C. Woodland Idyll – Dave Jones

Creative (Digital Images)

1st. Last Smoke – Liz Cooper
2nd. The Onset of Spring – David Calvert
3rd. Star Dreaming – Mike Hawkridge
HC. Hollow Man – Howard Warren
C. Cosmic Re-entry – Howard Warren
C. Remembering – Dave Jones

Landscape (Prints)

1st. The Black Cuillin Hills, Skye – Tony Banks
2nd. Torres del Paine, Patagonia – Dave Jones
3rd. Sunset over Lake Lugano – Dave Jones
HC. Devil’s Golf Course – Mike Hawkridge
C. Calcot Copse – Frank Jenkins
C. Iguazu Falls – Dave Jones

Open Competition 1 – 4th   October 2016 – Results

Judged by bob Ryan

 Digital Images –  Group A

1st. Residents’ Parking – Jenny Esse
2nd. Concentration – John Jennings
3rd. Blue Streak – Mike Hawkridge
HC. Have You Got Your Tablets – Jenny Esse
C. Corfe Castle – Frank Jenkins
C. Cobbles – Carole Mortimer

 Digital Images – Group B

1st. Waiting For Tea – Reg Watson
2nd. Insect Attractors – Reg Watson
3rd. Waiting For evening Tide – John Shepherd
HC. Family Paddle – Reg Watson
C. Venition Lights – David Moss


1st. Trees in The Mist – Frank Jenkins
2nd. Calcut Copse – Frank Jenkins
3rd. On Board Bathing – Dave Jones
HC. Underbelly – Mike Hawkridge
C. Number 2 – Jenny Esse
C. Penrith Pier – Frank Jenkins

Open Competition 2 – 1st   November 2016 – Results

Judged By Ted Wilson

Digital Images – Group A

1st. In The Spotlight – Vince Pycroft
2nd. Private Conversations – John Jennings
3rd. Stranded – David Calvert
HC. Blue Chair – Mike Hawkridge
HC. Cuddled Up To Dad – Sandie Cox
C. Kestrel With Prey – Tony Banks
C. Light at The End of The Tunnel – Frank Jenkins
C. Smile – John Jennings

Digital Images – Group B

1st. Me And My Shadow – Reg Watson
2nd. Castlerig – Peter Martin
3rd. Welcome to Wales – Reg Watson
HC. Mallorca – Peter Martin
C. Love in a Mist – Peter Martin

1st. Stairway – Dave Jones
2nd. Treasure on the Pier – Liz Cooper
3rd. Beached and Bleached – Mike Hawkridge
HC. Female Kingfisfer with Catch – Tony Banks
HC. Kaffir Lilly – David Calvert
C. Abandoned – David Calvert
C. Beach With Figures – Frank Jenkins
C. Down – Mike Hawkridge
C. Tate Modern – Frank Jenkins