Open Comp 4

Results of open comp 4 held on 16th February 2021. Judged by John Tilsley.

HC Highly Commended. C Commended.

Group A
1st Blow by Colin Dixon
2nd Harvest Mice on Bramble by Sandie Cox
3rd Three Zebras by Sandie Cox
HC Looking up in The V&A by John Jennings
HC Open Billed Stork With Snail by Sandie Cox
HC Hellebore By John Jennings
C Hallsands, South Hans by Peter Range
C Last Summer by Liz Cooper
C Strawberry and Cream by Vincent Knaus
C Anemone BY Carole Mortimer

Group B
1st Female Kingfisher by Fiona Romain
2nd Hailey Wood by Hugh Fletcher
3rd Dressed up for the Occasion by Hugh Fletcher
HC Chasing him off by Kathleen Dixon
C Cirrocumulus Hugh Fletcher

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