Open Comp 3

Results of open competition 3 held on 19th November 2019. Judged by David Sage ARPS.

HC = Highly Commended. C = Commended.

Open Comp 3 Group A
1st Green Veined White butterfly with harvest spider by sandie Cox
2nd Close Result by Liz Cooper
3rd THE MELODEON PLAYER by John Jennings
HC Quarryman’s Track above Llyn Peris by Dave Jones
HC KODAK RETINA 1937-39 by John Jennings
C I am a diva you know Richard Arnold
C Mountain Lake(Glacier National Park) by Dave Jones
C Reichstag By Vince Pycroft

Open Comp 3 Group B
1st Borghetto castle by Kathleen Dixon
2nd Damson Flower by les Brown
3rd Corridor of light by Kathleen Dixon
C Me & My Little Sister by Reg Watson

Open Comp 3 Prints
1st LILY-PURPLE EYE by John Jennings
2nd Horse and Rider at Weston by Dave Jones
3rd Jackson by Russell Davis
HC Red Squirrel in Tree Sandie Cox
HC Light through the Sculpted Canyon by Liz Cooper
HC Clematis by Sandie Cox
C Jess by Geof Hawkins
C WINDOWS & FACES by John Jennings