Open Comp 2

Results of Open Comp 2 held on 17th November 2020 via Zoom. Judged by Aleks Gjika

Open Comp 2 Group A
1st Carla by Colin Dixon
2nd Autumn Acer by Carole Mortimer
3rd Misty morning on the River Avon by Liz Cooper
HC Polypody Fern by Peter Martin
HC A kick of Red by Colin Dixon
HC Bristol Festival of Lights by Peter Range
HC Foggy Morning by Carole Mortimer
HC Van Gogh-esque by Liz Cooper
C The Boxer by Colin Dixon
C Watching You, Watching Me by Steve Romain
C Welcome to the Space force by Colin Dixon

Open Comp 2 Group B
1st Enclosed Order by John Shepherd
2nd Herdwicks by Hugh Fletcher
3rd New Severn Bridge at Dusk by John Shepherd
HC The derelict house by Kathleen Dixon
HC The wire by Kathleen Dixon
C Wolferton Station by Hugh Fletcher
C Bike Repair by Hugh Fletcher

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