Open Comp 2

Results of our Open comp 2 held on 29th October 2019. Judged by Michael Krier ARPS, AFIAP, MA (Photography).

HC = Highly Commended. C = Commended.

DI Group A
1st Looking Over by Vince Pycroft
2nd The High Life by John jennings
3rd Ugandan Boy by Sandie Cox
HC Bobbi and her hat by Colin Dixon
HC Ghost tree Cirencester. by Peter Martin
C Losing It! by Dave Jones
C Cityscape Blackwall Basin by Carole Mortimer
C Paint Brush Plant by Peter Martin
C Factor 50 For Me by Margot Page
C Female Cape Buffalo Fending off Hyena Attack by Sandie Cox

DI Group B
1st Sunset at Lake Garda. by Kathleen Dixon
2nd Cambridge Chimneys by Hugh Fletcher
3rd A lovely spot for lunch. by Kathleen Dixon
C Each with their partner!. by Reg Watson
C Not our FINAL resting place!. by Reg Watson

1st Winter Field. by Carole Mortimer
2nd Heart of the Matter. by Margot Page
3rd Llyn Padarn (Snowdonia). by Dave Jones
HC Night Reader. by John Jennings
C Midnight at the Oasis by Geof Hawkins
C Garlic Press. by John Jennings
C go pro. by Russell Davis
C Simply Red by Geof Hawkins