Open Comp 1

Results of Open Comp 1, held on October 1st 2019. Judged by Prof Bob Ryan ARPS FRSA.

HC = Highly Commended. C = Commended.

1st Beauty in Silhouette By Colin Dixon
2nd Powerfull Thoughts By Colin Dixon
3rd Sofa and Mirrors by Carole Mortimer
HC The Old lady By Russell Davis
C Going to Work on an Egg by John Jennings
C Light of the World by Steve Romain
C Cat by Richard Arnold

1st Reflections of a City by Kathleen Dixon
2nd New Severn Bridge at Dusk by John Shepard
3rd West Woods by Reg Watson
HC Capitol Hill by Kathleen Dixon
C Lesson – Read the Road Signs!!. by Reg Watson

1st Evening Light; Rocks and Waves by Carole Mortimer
2nd Devil’s Teardrops by John Jennings
3rd Out of the Darkness by Sandie Cox
HC and let thy feet by Russell Davis
C Ships of the Desert by Ruth Baldwin
C Winter Field by Carole Mortimer