Mini Folio

On March 14th 2017 we held our Mini-Portfolio Competition which was good fun for all. The entry was 6 images, one each of Landscape, Portrait, Architecture, Close-Up and Abstract plus a photographers choice from Nature, Creative and Sports. A collage of the images was also needed in case of a tie break.

A Club Member, who was kept anonymous to ensure no attempts at bribery, judged the portfolios to determine the winner. On the evening of the competition all members present was asked to judge the images, mark them out of 10 and hand in their score sheets. Total scores were calculated to determine The Members’ Choice.

So here are the results, the judge was Howard Warren an here is his choice.

1st John Jennings

 2nd John Shepherd

 3rd Carole Mortimer



The members 1st place was the same as our judge, John Jennings but the club members 2nd and 3rd were different.

2nd Mike Hawkridge

3rd Margot Page

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