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Anyone is welcome to join Tetbury Camera Club, and we welcome younger members (between the ages of 16 and 18). Due to the adult nature of some of the material occasionally presented at Tetbury Camera Club meetings, and because Tetbury Camera Club meets on licensed premises where members consume alcohol during the course of the meetings, Junior Membership is only open to children who have attained the age of 16 but have not yet attained the age of 18. In addition, because of the times we live in we do have to ask a parent or guardian to be present at all times. There is a family subscription of £45 per annum which covers one adult ( parent/ guardian ) and one child between 16 and 18.

Current membership is £40 per annum. 

The club has a Junior Members Policy and Working Practice which can be downloaded here: Young Member PolicyJunior membership forms, guidelines for parents and other relevant information are available on request from the Membership Secretary.

If you think that belonging to Tetbury Camera Club sounds interesting, then do come along to some of our meetings. You are more than welcome to try us out over a number of evenings to get a flavour of our activities and you will find a warm welcome from a friendly group of camera enthusiasts.

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