Annual Comp 3

Results of Annual Comp 3 held on 2nd April 2019. Judged by Andy Beel FRPS.

Digital Folio: the digital folio is made up of 6 images one each of the following subjects, Nature, Landscape, Portrait, Architecture, Close-up and Abstract.

1st Dave Jones

1 Nature Australian Darter
2 Landscape After the Snowfall
3 Portrait Burmese Woman
4 Architecture Hemisferic Valencia
5 Close up Stigma and Stamen
6 Abstract Reach for the Sky

2nd Liz Cooper

1 Nature Comma butterfly on Verbena
2 Landscape Dusty Landscape
3 Portrait Meena
4 Architecture Through the Arch
5 Close up Poppy flower emerging
6 Abstract Wavy reflections

3rd Colin Dixon

1 Nature Ground Squirrel
2 Landscape Mean Sky’s
3 Portrait The Glance
4 Architecture UP
5 Close up Circle of Beauty and life
6 Abstract The spectrum of light

Print of the Year.

HC = Highly Commended

1st Snowdrops by Liz Cooper
2nd Another Place River Thames by Fiona McCowan
3rd Golden Delicious by Liz Cooper
HC Autumn Pears by Liz Cooper
HC Unusual scene at Uluru by Dave Jones