Annual Comp 2

The results of Annual Comp 2 held on 19th March 2019. Judged by Simon Caplan LRPS.

HC = Highly Commended. C = Commended.

Annual comp 2, Set Subject
(Communication) DI
1st Horse Whispering by John Jennings
2nd A strange conversation …by Tony
3rd Listening to the Coach by Sandie
HC Wish you were here by John Jennings
C Crossed wires by Carole Mortimer
C Not in Use by Liz Cooper

Annual comp 2, Close Up DI
1st Stigma and Stamen by Dave Jones
2nd Harvest Mice Exploring Poppy Seed
Heads by Tony Banks
3rd Symmetry in Nature by John Jennings
HC Lily Stamens and Stigma by Liz
C Amarylis by Carole Mortimer
C Clematis Seed Head by Liz Cooper

Annual comp 2, Still Life Prints
1st Snowdrops by Liz Cooper
2nd Autumn Pears by Liz Cooper
3rd End of the Tube by Howard Warren
HC Totally Nuts by Howard Warren
C Fireside Supper by Liz Cooper
C Soft tulips by Russell Davis
C Squash by Carole Mortimer

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