Annual Comp 1

The results of our Annual comp 1 held on December 10th 2019, judged by Martin Fry FRPS, EFIAP/p, Av-EFIAP, ABPE, APAGB.

HC = Highly Commended. C= Commended.

Nature DI
1st Bison in a Snowstorm by Sandie Cox
2nd Fallow Deer by John Jennings
3rd Damsel Fly and Euphorbia by Carol Mortimer
HC Asian Short Clawed Otter by Sandie Cox
HC Rose Coloured Starling by Richard Arnold
HC Shaped by Water By Dave Jones
C Australian darter By Dave Jones
C Pine Marten Sheltering from Snow Storm by Sandie Cox
C Bulgarian Black Veined Whites Feeding by Richard Arnold

Creative DI
1st Nigella by Liz Cooper
2nd Memories of Summer by Dave Jones
3rd Apple music by Russell Davis
HC Madeiran Mountain Views by John Jennings
HC Poppies by Carol Mortimer
HC The Camera Never Lies by John Jennings
C London Lives by John Jennings
C Enchanted Woodland by Dave Jones
C Holly’s multiple personalities by Colin Dixon

Prints mono
1st 3 Calla Lilies By Liz Cooper
2nd Skeletal Trees in Winter by Sandie Cox
3rd Zebras in Early Light by Sandie Cox
HC Quarrymen’s Trail Snowdonia by Dave Jones
HC Whitby East Pier by Carol Mortimer
C Homeless in Bristol by John Jennings
C Pip the Gentleman by Colin Dixon
C Millford Sound by Russell Davis
C Sherston Church in a Blizzard (1 of 1) By Liz Cooper